Tai Chi Classes in Vancouver!!

Yang, Chen and Wu style Tai Chi

Fist & Sword Forms!

Rich doing Tai Chi on Mayne Island

Sifu Rich Sobel, has over 20 years of experience in Tai Chi and Qi-gong forms!!


Rich's patient instruction made me feel like even I can learn!!

Very knowledgeable teacher.

Patiently take(s) us through the moves. (His) take on Tai Chi as an energy thing makes it great for me.

I have really enjoyed the classes

A really great class. Worked hard .... and learned tons.

Rich teaches Yang, Chen and Northern Wu styles of Tai Chi. He continues to study with Grand Master Shou-yu Liang and Diane Kehoe in Yang and Chen styles. He also trained with David Dolbear in a Northern Wu style, and with the former Master Xu Gong Wei in Chen style.

Free Class!

Curious about Tai Chi? Just check out any class for a first-time freebie!!

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Current session is Mar 3rd to Apr 28th, 2014. No Class April 21st. Drop-ins welcome!